The Latest Trends in Land Surveying

If you’re an El Paso land surveyor, it’s paramount that you stay up to date on the latest trends. Like all businesses, land surveying and land development constantly change and develop with time. New tools and tricks of the trade are expected to come out in 2023, and it’s up to you to be up to date on what they are. 

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4 Land Surveying Trends to Watch Out for in 2023 

The Use of Drones and UAVs 

Drones and UAVs were first introduced to the land development industry several years ago. However, while they were once thought of as an option or backup plan, drones and UAVs are quickly becoming the future of land surveying. Drones and UAVs can cover massive areas, gain access to areas previously thought impossible, and provide in-depth information for surveying purposes. 

Drones are now also capable of:


  • 3D mapping 
  • photogrammetry
  • topographic surveying
  • Geospatial Surveying
  • Mapping and scanning
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Many other things


These added features make drones and unmanned aerial vehicles even more prolific. Additionally, working with drones is safe and easy and can lead to increased productivity. If you’re serious about land surveying, you will do well to jump aboard the drone train. Or, if you want to avoid making the investment, you can contact us at LandMark Survey, and we’ll perform drone-related surveys for you. 

Cloud Data Storage 

Unless you’re familiar with all the data that goes with land development, you likely don’t realize how big of a trend cloud data storage is going to be. The files and documents that go along with land surveying are massive, which means that cloud storage is a huge improvement. This trend is being helped along with the increased popularity and availability of 5G networks. 

Increased use of cloud storage for land development will also make collaborating and sharing with others easier. Surveyors, developers, and everyone else involved in the land development process are sure to gain from the cloud data storage trend. 

Mobile Mapping 

Mobile mapping is perhaps the most revolutionary land development trend to be aware of. With mobile mapping, land development would be faster, easier, and more convenient than ever. It would allow a device that fits into a backpack to do most of the work for you. An added bonus of 3D mobile mapping is the fact that scans would be quicker and easier to share than ever. 

Continued Accessibility and Integration 

The final trend to be on the lookout for in 2023 is the fact that land surveyors will have access to more areas than ever before. Thanks to all of the new and updated technology hitting the market, accessibility and integration are expected to be better than ever. Drones, mobile mapping, and the Cloud alone are making this possible. 

However, even the hands-on tools and training that surveyors use are improving. When you combine these tools and continue learning with new technology, the sky’s the limit for land surveying. 

What is the Future of Land Surveying?

The future of land surveying is bright as long as you can keep up with the coming trends. Surveyors that stay in the past and don’t acclimate to advancements in training and technology are doomed to get left behind. Therefore, you should stay up to date on all the latest land development trends. 

Which El Paso Company to Contact for All Your Land Surveying Needs

If you’re looking for a land surveying team that can keep up with the latest trends, look no further than Landmark Survey. Whether it’s drones, UAVs, mobile mapping, cloud storage, or anything else, we’re up to the challenge. Contact us online or call (915) 598-1300 today for a complete list of services and to learn more about our process. 

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