How Do Land Surveyors Establish Boundary Lines?

If you own an El Paso home or business, there’s a good chance that you have a rough idea of where your property boundary lines are. However, most people are surprised that they own more or less land than they thought. While it might only be a matter of several feet or even inches, hiring land surveyors to know your exact boundary lines is important. 

Land surveys can protect you from building something unknowingly on your neighbors’ property and having to tear it down at a later date. If you’re curious about how land surveyors establish boundary lines, this blog will have the answers. We’ll also look at who to contact when you need a land survey to establish the boundary lines on your property. 

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How Land Surveyors Establish Boundary Lines 

The process of getting the exact coordinates of your property lines can only be done by professional land surveyors. They have specialized equipment, experience, and knowledge that gives them the ability to make accurate boundary lines. Here’s how the process works. 

  1. A boundary survey was performed to establish the boundaries when your home was initially built. 
  2. During this process, markers and stakes were placed around the perimeter of your property. 
  3. During construction, however, these boundaries were either removed or pounded into the ground. 
  4. Land surveyors can easily acquire the initial survey from when your property was first established from your county municipality. 
  5. Using special equipment, land surveyors can pinpoint the exact location of your property line’s original stakes and markers. 
  6. They do this by taking meticulous measurements of your property with any adjoining ones. 
  7. They will then use their markers, stakes, and spray paint to mark the exact location of your boundary lines. 
  8. Land surveyors then have the authority to sign and file the survey with your updated boundary lines. It will become binding for any future acquisitions or sales. 
  9. These types of surveys are known as boundary surveys and are the most accurate type of survey you can do. 

Because of the precision and high-tech equipment necessary to perform boundary surveys, only professional land surveyors can perform them. 

When is It Necessary to Hire a Land Surveyor?

While you can optionally hire a land surveyor to learn the exact location of your boundary lines, there are instances when you’ll legally need a land survey. Here are some of these instances.

For a Mortgage Application 

Because the size of your property will partially determine your mortgage rate, many banks require a land survey when you’re applying for a mortgage. Typically, they will also require an appraisal. 

To Settle Disputes 

If you and a neighbor have boundary line disputes, you’ll need to get a land survey. Only land surveys can pinpoint the exact location of your boundary lines and resolve your conflict. Land surveys will also help you prove that you’re not breaking zoning violations for your county. 

Renovating Your Property

One of the main reasons to get land surveys or boundary surveys is to ensure that you’re building on your own property. For example, if you plan to build a fence, shop, or barn on your property, you’ll want to get a land survey. Failing to do so could mean that you’ll accidentally build part of your fence or building on your neighbor’s property. Even if it’s only several inches, your neighbor can get their own land survey and force you to demolish or renovate your construction to get off their land. 

Who to Contact for Your El Paso Land Surveying Needs

If you’re in any of the above situations in El Paso, you should reach out to Land Mark Survey for an official land survey. Enlisting our services could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and legal fees if you accidentally encroach on your neighbor’s property. No matter what type of survey you need, we’re the team for the job. Contact us or call (915) 598-1300 today.

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