Why Land Surveying is Essential in El Paso Land Development

Land surveying is the process by which land is surveyed, measured, and plotted out. However, it involves much more than merely “surveying” the land. Land surveyors use a wide range of equipment and technology to take accurate measurements and coordinates of a plot of land. As such, it’s an extremely important aspect of land development in El Paso. 

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Why is Land Surveying So Important For Land Development? 

Land surveying is a complicated, comprehensive process that can only be performed by trained, experienced professionals. It’s useful for conducting land surveys, getting property measurements, developing site and construction plans, and more. It’s also an important part of any land development process because of how comprehensive it is, and here’s why. 

You Won’t Encroach on Someone Else’s Property 

The main reason that land surveying is important for land development is because it will keep you off of other people’s land. It’s possible that surveys performed in the past were incorrect and didn’t accurately lay out the property lines. Being off by so much as a foot could result in an expensive legal case and having to move fences and utilities. Therefore, it’s essential to know the exact boundaries of your land before you start developing it. 

You’ll Get a Good Idea of the Topography and Soil 

In addition to looking at things above the ground, a land survey will also assess the underlying soil and topography. That way, you’ll know what type of soil you’re dealing with so that you can take special steps or measures if necessary. Additionally, you’ll also find out if your land development project is in a flood zone or at risk for other hazards. 

Speeds Up Construction 

By getting all the information and measurements you need upfront, your land development project will go much smoother. This is especially true if you’re building roads, houses, businesses, or other structures on the land in question. 

Necessary for Future Subdividing 

Subdivisions and developing small neighborhoods are more popular than ever. As a result, if you own a large plot of land and want to divide it into smaller subsections, a land survey is the best way to get it done. Land surveying will help you parcel out each section of land into equal increments to ensure everyone’s getting their money’s worth. Surveying will also ensure that each section of land adheres to local zoning and code requirements. 

Helps You Remain City Compliant 

In many instances, including subdivisions, the city has a ton of say over code and zoning regulations. As such, it’s necessary to comply with these standards if you want to avoid construction delays and fines. A land survey will help you remain compliant so that you can develop concrete construction plans. A survey will also help you know if your land development is happening on nature reserves or protected areas requiring special permits. 

An Understanding of Available Utilities

Finally, a land survey will be necessary if you’re planning to add utilities such as plumbing, sewage, gas, or electrical to a property. This applies to current land development projects as well as future ones. 

Who to Contact

If a land survey will help your land development project go smoother and faster, contact us online or call (915) 598-1300. We’re one of the top land surveying companies in the El Paso area and utilize a number of surveying methods and options.

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