A Land Survey Helps Avoid Cemeteries, Gas Lines, and More


man doing a land survey with a theodolite If you want to place boundaries  in Odessa, maybe you should get a land survey in Odessa. Land measurements can be difficult to make since there are constant changes in elevation. Even where the terrain is flat, the lengths of the land can take time to accurately notate. That is why a land survey is important to have to mark territories. Land-Mark Professional Surveying is a company that provides accurate land surveying. Here is what landowners should know about a survey and how it can help them avoid future problems.

Land Survey in Odessa Presents Accurate Ownership

A land surveyor can measure land and determine the propertys physical and legal boundaries. Land survey maps are considered legally binding, and a surveyor is often called in court to support claims by either party that emanate from a map he has created.  This is why accurate land surveying can help recover lost land. Without a survey, you may also be underestimating the size of your land.

A Survey Can Reveal Service Lines

When developing a property, it is crucial to follow zoning regulations.  As a builder, you can only follow these regulations with an accurate survey. Thats because an accurate survey can show you where service lines. So, this includes electrical, water, and sewage lines that can mark where it is appropriate to build . This is crucial as it will avoid your property coming down for regulation violations.a green field with a theodolite

Safeguard Your Property

If there is ever a property dispute, a survey can provide a factual resolution. Without a survey map, any claim would be groundless. If the government is trying to acquire your land for public interests, you should receive compensation. But, without an accurate survey map, your land could be under appraised for its true value. By presenting the evidence of a land survey, you can regain the value of your land.

A land survey in Odessa can go a long way into protecting your rights as a land owner. So, by accurately representing the borders of your property, you value your land properly. At Land-Mark Professional Surveying, we want to use our experience to help you protect the land you own. So, contact Land-Mark Professional Surveying today!

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