Selling? Here’s why you need a land surveyor in El Paso


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A land surveyor is hardly a thought when it comes to selling a home in El Paso. Getting this work done before you move away and hand the title of your house to another owner would be a wise choice. A land survey is a legal document created by a land surveyor. It will give detailed information about the land and it’s boundaries. prerequisite to make sure there’s no issues. Experts like LandMark Professional Surveying, Inc. will be by your side through this process because they are the experienced land surveyors who understand how to get the job done quickly and efficiently in an affordable way. 

Benefits of Hiring a Land Surveyor 

If you are selling property without any buildings, it is still a great option to hire a surveyor to conduct a land survey. As a seller, this will benefit you greatly, because you will gain a better understanding of your land. You may be underestimating the value of what you are selling. Secondly, if you are buying a piece of land that hasn’t been surveyed, you may end up finding out the clear boundaries. The last thing you want is to purchase the property and then find out it was smaller than you expected. Obviously, everyone involved in any kind of El Paso real estate transaction wants to know exactly what they’re getting and selling for their money. But there is more to getting a good land survey done in the El Paso area than just that.

An  excellent land surveyor will not only mark the boundaries of the property that you are buying and selland surveyor equipment optical level in white backgroundling, they will be also be able to supply a variety of other services including a topographical survey.  A professional  land surveyor in El Paso like LandMark Professional Surveying, Inc, provides not only info about boundaries are but also how the property they are buying slopes and in what direction. This is helpful in case they are considering building a house or commercial property. It is that kind of extra info that is important to make sure you build in a location that the water slopes away from the foundation of the building after a good rain. 

LandMark Professional Surveying, Inc.

Our company is trusted by many El Paso, Las Cruces, and Odessa residential and commercial property owners. This is due to our staff exercising the highest standards of surveying according to Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona laws. We maintain timely delivery of jobs requested. If you want a land surveyor with accuracy and expert knowledge we are here for you. Please contact us today.

Here’s What a Land Surveyor in Las Cruces Provides


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When you are trying to sort through all the land surveyor in Las Cruces NM choices available to you, narrowing down all the different names and addresses should come down to a few simple ideas. Of course when you hire the experts at Landmark Professional Surveying Inc., you’ll be getting experts with experience who understand a variety of different techniques involved in the practice. We have the licenses and credentials you’ll need to make sure that your survey is done in a professional and courteous manner. That said, there are a few things that a surveyor should provide.

Aspects of a Quality Land Surveyor in Las Cruces

First of all, a quality land surveyor should clearly mark where your property lines are. This is especially important when you have bought a new house and don’t really understand where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins. Many property disputes between neighbors who otherwise got along fine could have been avoided with the proper survey. Also, if you are building on your own property it is important to make sure that you’re in accordance with your municipality. Having professionals look after the job for you will ensure that everything is in accordance with the laws.

Customer Service is Still #1

No matter what business you are in or looking for services from, good quality customer service is still #1 in priorities. A land surveyor is there supply you with a courteous and efficient service with the ability to clearly mark your boundary lines with easily identifiable stakes. This is especially important when you are in the process of an addition to your existing property. If you are ready to get the help you need from a trusted, professional land surveyor in Las Cruces, then contact us today!

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