Every Good Engineer Starts With a Topographic Survey


Whenever an engineer begins to sketch out a construction project, they cannot use an ordinary map. This is because an ordinary map will not tell them everything about the land they want to build on. It may explain what is there, like cities or major landmarks, but it will not explain dimensions, heights, or what could be underneath. This is where the need for a good survey comes in. However, you do not want to use just any survey, but rather one that will outline the land in detail. This means getting a topographic survey done. Any engineer worth their salt will want to start with one of these surveys first. In the Odessa area, there is one company that can help you get the quality survey you need for construction. Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc., is a quality company that can help you get your construction project started off right.

What Is a Topographic Survey?

A topographic survey is required whenever you are trying to get an idea of any property you own. These surveys focus on every and any aspect of the land. Trees, hills, valleys, even manholes will be included in the reports for these surveys. All this info is designed to let you know where things are, and what might be obstacles too big to build over. this kind of information is useful to engineers, architects and construction workers. All of them rely on the information provided in order to stay on time and keep their people safe.  

Why Do I Need a Topographic Survey?

Getting a topographic survey is useful whenever you are planning a construction project. The info provided will help your engineer and architect decide the best place to begin construction or what they need to build around. Having the lay of the land spelled out in dimensions and graphs will also help them see which areas of your land need to be avoided.  This info helps an engineer decide how to proceed with the project. In order for this work, of course, you need a quality topographic survey to be conducted.

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If you are planning any kind of construction project, then you need a company that understands the local Odessa area. Let Land-Mark Professional Survey help you get started on construction. We offer a wide variety of surveys and our experts have years of experience. Call today to set up an appointment!

An Accurate Topographic Survey Is Extremely Important


topographic survey of large areaIf you’ve never heard of topographic surveys, this is your chance to learn all about them. When it comes to building homes, businesses, and other edifices, topographic surveys can make the difference between a good building and a bad one. If you’re in need of a topographic survey, Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc. can help you out. But first, let’s go over what it is and why it’s important.

What Is It?

Topographic surveys are surveys that help identify and map out plots of land and terrain. Surveyors will point out any trees, bodies of water, buildings, and more. All of the detailed information mapped out in the survey will help future residential and commercial companies determine whether or not the land they are interested in is worth it based on the land marks and other things on the specific property. Engineers can also use these types of surveys when they are planning to build or expand current roads. Most building projects require this kind of survey in order to get more information on the land in question. It’s very important for builders and other important people to know as much information as possible about the land they will potentially be working with.

Elevation Levels Are Vital

A topographic survey from Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc. will show various elevations as well as other existing landmarks, buildings, and features. Various elevations will be great determining factors on where and how you will build what it is that you are building. Our surveying services really help home builders determine a number of different things when considering a piece of land. If you are a home builder, our team can help you with a comprehensive topographic survey. Builders need a survey like this to determine how to divide land, where to build, and essentially how the entire development needs to take place.

Accuracy Is Everything

It is very important to receive an absolute accurate topographic survey of the land you are looking at. With our team at LandMark Professional Surveying Inc. you will always get the highest quality of work and customer service. We know how important it is to have an accurate description and depiction of the land you are working with.

There’s not a lot of room for mistakes when it comes to building. Knowing that you have hired a reputable company will definitely put you at ease. Many builders and developers throughout the area trust our team and we intend to keep it that way! The only way to get the best results is to hire the best company. Don’t hire blindly without doing research on the company you are considering. Some simple research will put your mind at ease when you have the best company working with and for you.

LandMark Is Your Man!

If you are in need of a reputable and trustworthy company to perform topographic surveys on specific land for you, LandMark Professional Surveying Inc. is the company for you! We constantly strive to give the best customer service possible and never want our clients to leave disappointed. If you’d like more information on the services we offer, contact us today!

Selling? Here’s why you need a land surveyor in El Paso


Land surveyor equipment with a developed plot in the background

A land surveyor is hardly a thought when it comes to selling a home in El Paso. Getting this work done before you move away and hand the title of your house to another owner would be a wise choice. A land survey is a legal document created by a land surveyor. It will give detailed information about the land and it’s boundaries. prerequisite to make sure there’s no issues. Experts like LandMark Professional Surveying, Inc. will be by your side through this process because they are the experienced land surveyors who understand how to get the job done quickly and efficiently in an affordable way. 

Benefits of Hiring a Land Surveyor 

If you are selling property without any buildings, it is still a great option to hire a surveyor to conduct a land survey. As a seller, this will benefit you greatly, because you will gain a better understanding of your land. You may be underestimating the value of what you are selling. Secondly, if you are buying a piece of land that hasn’t been surveyed, you may end up finding out the clear boundaries. The last thing you want is to purchase the property and then find out it was smaller than you expected. Obviously, everyone involved in any kind of El Paso real estate transaction wants to know exactly what they’re getting and selling for their money. But there is more to getting a good land survey done in the El Paso area than just that.

An  excellent land surveyor will not only mark the boundaries of the property that you are buying and selland surveyor equipment optical level in white backgroundling, they will be also be able to supply a variety of other services including a topographical survey.  A professional  land surveyor in El Paso like LandMark Professional Surveying, Inc, provides not only info about boundaries are but also how the property they are buying slopes and in what direction. This is helpful in case they are considering building a house or commercial property. It is that kind of extra info that is important to make sure you build in a location that the water slopes away from the foundation of the building after a good rain. 

LandMark Professional Surveying, Inc.

Our company is trusted by many El Paso, Las Cruces, and Odessa residential and commercial property owners. This is due to our staff exercising the highest standards of surveying according to Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona laws. We maintain timely delivery of jobs requested. If you want a land surveyor with accuracy and expert knowledge we are here for you. Please contact us today.

The Importance of Topographic Surveys


man with arms outstretched with a cube displaying topography Topographic surveys in Las Cruces NM are going to give you a complete picture of a plot of land. The information provided by these advanced surveys is needed. This way you can make informed choices when deciding the value of a piece of land for a particular purpose. You also need a high-quality and comprehensive topographic survey when planning development and beginning the construction phase. Land-Mark Professional Surveying can help.

Benefits of Topographic Surveys in Las Cruces, New Mexico

If you are a home building company, you already know the value of topographic surveys in Las Cruces NM. You will want a complete topographic survey of a plot of land where you plan to put your new building project so you can understand exactly what it is you are embarking on.  

Topographic surveys in Las Cruces, NM help home builders. This way, builders understand what features exist on the land they are planning on developing. By using the information from the surveys, developers can determine exactly how to divide the lots, where houses should go, and how development can take place.  When developing an attractive subdivision, the fullest potential of the land can be used.

Choose Us For Your Topographic Surveystheodolite next to tubes with topographical records

When you need topographic surveys in Las Cruces NM that cover a big plot of land and you need them to be accurate for your planning of suburban development, there is only one company to call. For this reason, Land-Mark Professional Surveying is trusted by builders and developers throughout the area.

Having a strong team at your side will yield the best results. To learn more about developers with topographic surveys in las Cruces NM, give us a call today. We will conduct your survey in a timely manner. A licensed professional will do the survey. This way, your development can begin quickly. Contact Land-Mark Professional Surveying today.

Where To Get an Accurate and Reliable Land Survey in El Paso



It is absolutely necessary to have professional land survey in El Paso when planning to build your new restaurant. Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc., knows what a restaurant needs. Smelling fresh meat on the grill at the red light, or the sounds of satisfied people as you walk by. These are the things that make customers walk through your doors to see what’s cooking. Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc., will handle your land survey for your new restaurants with professionalism and accuracy. They will make sure that your location will be safe and perfect to build on so you can start cooking delicious concoctions for eager customers.

For an accurate and reliable land survey, you need the state licensed land surveyors from Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc. They want your restaurant to thrive and satisfy our community. We know location is an essential component to the success of a restaurant, and that all begins with the land survey, since that will tell you whether or not it is a good location. Land-Mark Professional Surveying is strict on time and completion dates, so you do not have to struggle with inconsistencies and changed dates.

The restaurant business can be difficult, but with the perfect location and a professionally managed crew with the latest equipment, we can help you finish the first step in construction quickly and accurately. Start off on the right piece of land- get an accurate land survey in El Paso and get cooking sooner rather than later by calling or visiting us today!
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Step by Step Surveying in El Paso


surveying-in-el-paso. surveying-services-in-el-paso

Building your new home has many steps, before you stick a nail in the ground you have to complete certain surveying in El Paso. Surveying is the process of examining and recording the geographical features and man made structures of a particular area or land, so to construct a plan, or set boundaries. It is required when buying land, building a new home, or even just buying a new home. Land-Mark Professional Surveying has been known for their reliable and accurate services since their inception in 1991.

How Does the Process Work?
Do you want to build your new home, but don’t know the process? After you decide where you are going to build, you must conduct a boundary and topographic survey of the site. While working side by side with a team from Land-Mark Professional Survey you must research the land where you wish to build, and contact government agencies and other organizations such as utility facilities and the DPS.

What Happens After?
In the third step of surveying, the field work can begin, measuring and setting boundaries. The fourth step, is once all the field work is completed, all the paperwork will be drawn up along with a diagram of the land, along with deeds and contracts. The final step in surveying is to sign the documents in front of a notary, or lawyer. Most surveys in this case are good for 30 years, which is why accuracy is so important to the surveying process.

Land-Mark Professional Survey always uses accuracy and the latest equipment for their work. They are proudly female owned and have worked hard to become known as one of the best surveying companies in the whole Southwest. They offer services in El Paso, Las Cruces, Odessa and Midland. You never know when you might need a reliable survey for your next home or land purchase. But in the case that you are ready to build, call Land-Mark Professioanl Surveying for all your needs. For more information, call or visit them today!
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The Best Choice for Topographic Surveys in Las Cruces, NM



When you are ready to build your dream home on your own plot of land, you need to find a company that is a trusted provider of topographic surveys in Las Cruces. When you choose Landmark Professional Survey, Inc., you are choosing a company that adheres to the highest standards of surveying along with a timely delivery of your results.

The first step to building your new home is to provide your designer with an accurate topographic survey in order for your builder to get a lay of the land. A topographic survey is used to identify and map the contours of the ground, along with any features (trees, roots, etc.) that might exist on the surface or just below the surface of your property. Building a home requires an adherence to city and state ordinances, proper zoning, a clear map of property boundaries and identifying lines of easement on or crossing the property. It important to have an accurate topographic survey because it actually serves as a base map for what kind of home it is possible to build on your property. The last thing you want before breaking ground on your new home is to find out that you can’t do something you had your heart set on because of a sloppy or inaccurate topographic survey.

Landmark Professional Survey, Inc. has been providing Texas, New Mexico and Arizona with professional and accurate services since 1991. We are a minority, female owned business that prides itself in our efficiency, timeliness and affordable rates. So if you are looking for the best topographic survey in Las Cruces, call or visit us today!
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Topographic Survey in Odessa, TX: Mapping Out Your Land Accurately



If you got a good hand in the kitchen and you want to build a new restaurant for everyone to enjoy your food, you are first going to need a topographic survey in Odessa, Texas. Texans love to go out to eat and always looking for the nicest places to go. Land Mark Professional Survey can be the first step in making this dream of yours come true. We have highly experienced professionals that are officially licensed in the state of Texas, and take pride in their work.

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Schedule Your Next Topographic Survey in Las Cruces NM



A topographic survey in Las Cruces NM is an essential part of the planning process before undergoing any construction project. When the city needs to add a new roadway, a topographic survey should be used to determine the appropriateness of the location based on distance, elevation and location measurements.


Need a Topographic Survey In Las Cruces NM?



A topographic survey in Las Cruces NM is necessary when you want to add to your home. People often buy a home they can afford, but then after so many years, they may want to add a garage to it or extend the living area.

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