A Few FAQs About ALTA Land Surveys


Man surveying land through land measuring equipmentIf you are buying a piece of land in Las Cruces, you have probably been asked by the bank or titling company for an ALTA survey. You may be irritated that you need to obtain such a detailed land survey, but this document provides a wealth of info about the property at hand. It may be more costly, but it is an excellent document to have to avoid issues later on down the line. We have answered a few frequently asked questions about these specific surveys here.

Why Do I Need an ALTA Survey?

This land survey is quite detailed, as mentioned before. It can be a bit more costly than the average land survey, but with reason. Title companies as well as lenders may ask for this survey. It can happen either when you are buying, selling or refinancing a property. Most often times, lenders are looking to avoid “survey risks.” This can include disputes over boundaries, encroachments and other difficult issues that can lead to problems and even lawsuits down the line. An ALTA Survey would reveal any of these issues and more. Even if the bank or titling company doesn’t require you to purchase this detailed survey, it may be advisable to avoid problems. This can be especially true when purchasing vacant land that has never been surveyed, or has been survey over a decade ago.

Why is an ALTA Survey More Costly?

Some land buyers in Las Cruces may be unhappy with the higher cost of an ALTA Survey. However, this type of survey is only performed by a registered, licensed surveyor. It means specific standards outlined by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). In essence, this survey meets the highest standards recognized throughout the U.S. It includes much more detail than most other land surveys. This can include boundaries, fences, utility lines, roads, easements and areas that have been improved.

How Do I Get Started With a Land Survey?

Getting started with any kind of survey in Las Cruces is as simple as calling us up at Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc.. We are one of the best and most reliable land surveyors in the Southwest. We provide a wealth of services to help you with your property. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing a piece of land, our certified experts can help. Contact us today for more info.

Why You Need a Land Survey in Odessa TX


land survey in Odessa

There are several different scenarios where you’ll need a land survey in Odessa, TX and Landmark Professional Survey understands them all. We are the folks that have been looking after your surveying needs in the El Paso area for years. We provide a professional, competent service and our staff is all highly trained, knowledgeable and friendly.

The Most Common Reason

The most common reason to get you land surveyed is when buying a piece of property. It is a fact that in most parts of the country you will need a survey to get any money from a lending institution. Finding a good surveying company is another important part of the process. Landmark Professional Survey are very good at their job and they have the necessary experience to handle several different kinds of surveying.

Professional Land Survey in Odessa

Of course there are several other very good reasons why you will need a land survey done. If you have already bought a piece of property or owned your house for several years and want to make an addition, getting a proper land survey done is an excellent idea.

However, some of the reasons you might want to hire Landmark Professional Survey might not be clear at first. For example, if you have a government easement running through your property it is a good idea to look into an Odessa TX survey. Clearing up any issues between neighbors is another benefit that you will get from having a survey done, especially when your neighbor is building something new on their property. Get professional land survey in Odessa. Contact us today!

Providing A Meticulous and Accurate Land Survey In Odessa TX


land-survey-in-odessa-tx, land-surveying-services-in-odessa-tx

Land survey in Odessa TX is necessary because anyone that wants to build a home cannot just go, pick a piece of land, and start building. Though a nice lot of land may be empty, that does not mean that it is not owned by someone else. Anyone interested in buying a piece of land needs to have a land survey conducted, since people need to find out all they can on the land they want to purchase.
A Land Survey Provides Information About Property
Buying a chunk of land to put a house on is a big investment, and for anyone that is going to put down serious money on a piece of land owe it to themselves to find out all the information they can about it. The plot of land that someone is interested in may be a certain size, but the records of it may have a completely different size. A land survey can clear up any confusion about the actual size of a piece of land someone is interested in, which is going to save them a lot of problems in the future.
A Land Survey Maps Out All Nearby Properties
People interested in a parcel of land to call their own are going to need to know where their neighbors are. Just because no one has built a home on a piece of land does not mean they won’t in the future, and a land survey is one way for all properties around one particular area in Odessa to find out whether a next door lot is owned by someone else or not.
When future homeowners want a land survey, they need to contact experts. Land-Mark Professional Surveys can help with that survey. They have been providing meticulous surveying services in the Southwest for over 20 years, gaining a reputation of accuracy and reliability. When you are looking for surveying services in the Odessa TX area, they are who you want to call.
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Land Surveyor in Odessa, TX | Get a Lay of the Land!



If you are interested in building a barn, you need to talk to a land surveyor in Texas. You want to ensure that your construction project goes smoothly, which means you need to literally get the lay of the land. This is what surveyors do.

A land surveyor in Odessa, TX can conduct a boundary survey to find out exactly where your property lines are. This is important if you are building a barn in an area where you have a limited amount of space or where there are easements and setbacks. If your barn were to be built and encroach upon an easement or encroach upon someone else’s property, you could be forced to tear it down and the investment that you made would be lost.

A land surveyor in Odessa, TX can also help you by conducting a topographic survey and an improvement survey so you can identify the most appropriate site on your land for your barn to be constructed. The placement is important as you want your barn to be as easy as possible to construct and to be conveniently located within the property. When you have hired a land surveyor in Odessa, TX, the surveyor can even help to lay out exactly where the construction should go. A surveyor can do construction staking for you, taking into account important factors such as control, grading and the layout of the project.

Land-Mark Professional Survey can provide you with all of these services and many more. As a state licensed land surveyor in Odessa, TX, we are ready to help get your construction project started and help to ensure that the project is a successful one. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with the construction of your new barn. 1420 Bessemer Drive, Suite A El Paso, Texas 79936. Phone: 915-598-1300

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