Legal Situations Requiring a Land Surveyor


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A land surveyor may seem like a strange term, but there really is need for a land surveyor in Las Cruces. In places like Las Cruces where there is plenty of land that is uninhabited, it’s important to have land surveyed in order to know property boundaries. It’s also important before beginning a construction project. Here at LandMark Professional Surveying, we can help you with both.

A Land Surveyor in Las Cruces Can Help Determine Legal Boundaries

Someone may own a certain amount of property. Usually, they’ll know the exact size of the land. However, very few property owners are aware of exactly where their boundary lines are. A surveyor in Las Cruces can use special equipment to figure out just exactly where those legal boundaries are. A surveyor in Las Cruces, especially ours here at LandMark Professional Surveying, should use modern surveying techniques to determine legal boundary lines for property owners. Cities or private owners most commonly contract surveyors to measure land for a property sales and other such transactions related to land. Sometimes a lending company or band will require you to purchase a survey. 

A Land Surveyor in Las Cruces Can Help Prepare for Construction

Whenever a construction project is about to begin, a land surveyor in Las Cruces will need to survey, or measure, the land. This is done so that the contractors and all parties involved are aware of the landscape. The measuring of the land is useful for construction companies when they begin to plan out just how they are going to execute a project. It’s vital that a construction company is aware of the 3-D measurements of property in order to properly build. It’s also important for a professional land surveyor in Las Cruces to be as precise as possible. We deliver precise and professional services at LandMark Professional Surveying.

If you need your land surveyed or measured professionally in Las Cruces, give us a call at LandMark Professional Surveying. We’d be happy to consult with you about surveying your property, as well as any of our other services. We hope to hear from you soon!

Top Reasons You Need a Land Surveyor in Las Cruces


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Many people who buy or own land in Las Cruces will need a land surveyor. If you need a land surveyor, it is important that you find a competent and qualified professional. You want someone who can conduct a survey and give you accurate results. Landmark Professional Surveying can conduct many different kinds of surveys for different purposes. Some of these include surveys of land you own or are thinking about buying. Please contact us to find out about the services we offer and to see if you need the assistance of a land surveyor.

Why Would You Need a Land Surveyor?

Land surveying is the measuring and mapping of a specific location utilizing specialized tools, technology, mathematics. Some of the special technology includes GPS, Theodolites also known as Robotic Total Stations, and terrestrial scanners to map out the environment. In an office setting special software is used as well. Throughout Las Cruces, there are many reasons why landowners or buyers will employ a land surveyor.

One possible reason is you need to due your due diligence before making a land purchase. If you plan to buy a plot, you want to know as much about it as you can. You want to know boundaries, topography, and whether there are any improvements on the land.  A surveyor can tell you all of this.  If you are going to be developing land, this is another top reason why you need a surveyor. You cannot develop the land properly until you know what the conditions are on the land and have a good idea of what you are working with.  Finally, you may need a land surveyor because your bank advises you to get one. A bank which is providing a mortgage for the purchase of land or a loan for the development of land is usually going to require a survey be performed before money is loaned.Land surveyor using equipment with blue sky in background

Working with a Land Surveyor 

If you are buying or developing land in Las Cruces, you need a good land surveyor. You want to make certain the surveyor has impeccable credentials, especially if your bank is requiring the survey. Our experts at Landmark Professional Surveying conduct many different types of surveys. We have the background and reputation necessary to ensure we do the survey process right. Contact us today to find out more.

What Does the Cost of a Land Survey Depend On?


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Getting a land survey in Las Cruces is important if you are going to purchase or develop a property. Although it may be a cost you want to skip, a land survey pays off in the long run.  Even more so, you may require a land survey to secure financing or to get permits for development. It is important to budget for this cost while you plan for your closing costs on a real estate purchase. You should consider this cost when planning for the development costs for a construction project as well. Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc. can provide you with a professional land survey in Las Cruces. Give us a call today to find out about the services that we provide and about the costs associated with that service.

How Much Will I Pay for a Land Survey in Las Cruces?

Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc. provides surveying services which are affordable to property owners, investors, and developers.  There are many different factors which will go into determining what the cost of surveying a particular plot of land will be. For example, several key things that can affect the cost of a survey include the type of survey to be performed; accessibility of the property; size and shape of the property; time of year; vegetation on the property; and terrain.  The cost will also vary depending upon the existence of records on the property, whether there are conflicting deed calls, and what applicable standards of performing the survey. So, if these components sound unfamilar to you, our experts can walk you through every step of the process.

Getting Help with a Land Survey in Las Cruces

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If you need a land survey in Las Cruces, have a consummate professional conduct your survey. Find out more about your options for completing your survey for an affordable price; Contact Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc 

How a Land Survey in Las Cruces May Benefit You


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There are several different reasons why you need a land survey in Las Cruces done. You might be buying a new property and want to avoid any hassles with your new neighbors over where that apple tree actually is and who really owns the shed at the far end of the adjoining land. At Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc. we can help you avoid these types of disputes with professional land surveying.

A Land Survey in Las Cruces helps You Avoid Disputes

Quite often a land survey in Las Cruces is a legal requirement and you’ll need to have one done even if you’ve bought a smaller home in the city. It is important that you have one of these professional surveys done so that you can feel confident knowing exactly where the boundary lines are for you new property. These land surveys should also show you if there are any easements or other government right of ways on your property.

Topographical Survey

There are other kinds of land surveys that are equally important and one is what’s called a topographical survey. These are important for contractors and other builders who need to understand not only the boundaries of the land but the topographical features like the grade that can affect the way drainage is affected.

At Land-Mark Professional Surveying Inc., we have all the qualified licenses and strict knowledge requirements to be able to carry out a land survey in Las Cruces. We can carefully assess your property for accurate boundary lines and keep a record of every measurement we take. Contact us today!

The Services Our Land Surveyors Provide


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When you are trying to sort through all the land surveyor choices in Las Cruces, NM, that you have, narrowing down should come down to a few simple ideas. When you hire the experts at Landmark Professional Surveying, Inc., you will be hiring expert land surveyors with experience who understand a variety of different techniques. From land surveys to elevation certifications, we provide all kinds of land surveying services. Landmark Professional Surveying, Inc., have all of the licenses and credentials you will need to make sure that your survey is done in a professional and courteous manner. That said, there are a few things that a surveyor should provide.

Know Where Your Property Begins and Ends
First of all, a proper land surveyor should clearly mark where your property lines are. This is especially important when you have bought a new house and do not really understand where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins. Many property disputes between neighbors who otherwise got along fine could have been avoided with the proper survey.

Stay in Compliance When Building
There are many other jobs that the professional land surveyors at Landmark Professional Surveying, Inc., offer in Las Cruces, NM. For example, if you are building on your own property it is important to make sure that you are in accordance with your municipality. Having professionals look after the job for you will ensure that everything is in accordance with by laws.

Remember that above all, any surveyor is there supply you with a courteous and efficient service. After all, you are going to rely on this land surveyor to tell you where your property begins, ends, and other information depending on the type of survey you need. For the best in professional land surveyors and services, contact our offices today!

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