Every Good Engineer Starts With a Topographic Survey


Whenever an engineer begins to sketch out a construction project, they cannot use an ordinary map. This is because an ordinary map will not tell them everything about the land they want to build on. It may explain what is there, like cities or major landmarks, but it will not explain dimensions, heights, or what could be underneath. This is where the need for a good survey comes in. However, you do not want to use just any survey, but rather one that will outline the land in detail. This means getting a topographic survey done. Any engineer worth their salt will want to start with one of these surveys first. In the Odessa area, there is one company that can help you get the quality survey you need for construction. Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc., is a quality company that can help you get your construction project started off right.

What Is a Topographic Survey?

A topographic survey is required whenever you are trying to get an idea of any property you own. These surveys focus on every and any aspect of the land. Trees, hills, valleys, even manholes will be included in the reports for these surveys. All this info is designed to let you know where things are, and what might be obstacles too big to build over. this kind of information is useful to engineers, architects and construction workers. All of them rely on the information provided in order to stay on time and keep their people safe.  

Why Do I Need a Topographic Survey?

Getting a topographic survey is useful whenever you are planning a construction project. The info provided will help your engineer and architect decide the best place to begin construction or what they need to build around. Having the lay of the land spelled out in dimensions and graphs will also help them see which areas of your land need to be avoided.  This info helps an engineer decide how to proceed with the project. In order for this work, of course, you need a quality topographic survey to be conducted.

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If you are planning any kind of construction project, then you need a company that understands the local Odessa area. Let Land-Mark Professional Survey help you get started on construction. We offer a wide variety of surveys and our experts have years of experience. Call today to set up an appointment!

What Does a Land Surveyor in Odessa Do?


construction workers overlaid on a construction project in blue and purpleWe get asked all the time — What does a land surveyor in Odessa do? The truth is, the information that we provide within the construction industry is invaluable. We create maps and reports that help avoid catastrophic mistakes all the time. Building in one place or another on a plot of land can affect the timeline, building materials and equipment, and more. We provide information to help a project run smoothly and effectively.

What Does a Land Surveyor in Odessa Do?

A land surveyor is often hired to find the boundaries of a piece of property. This is valuable info for settling disputes, building roads, and creating maps. However, the job duties don’t stop there. They will also look into old surveys conducted of the property at hand. A surveyor will also take his own survey of the land utilizing special tools and expert knowledge. They will create a report and map of the area. The info is so accurate it is actually legally binding. The report that they create can help contractors find the most beneficial areas for building, drainage, parking lots, roads, and so on.

How Can a Land Surveyor Help Your Project?

A land survey of your building project is actually extremely necessary. You don’t want to start a project without a detailed account of your property and land conditions. The architecture will depend on the info provided. If you had previously decided to build in a certain portion of the property but then find out that water will flood the area when it rains you have to make adjustments. A land surveyor in Odessa can help you decide if altering the area would be sufficient to solve the problem. If problems arise that may have been unforeseen to you they can provide insight. This can include land that is extremely rocky and requires special equipment to dig into. Or perhaps soil that is too soft to build a foundation on.

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If you are about to embark upon a new building project be sure to call our land surveyors in Odessa in to provide the info you need. We can help your building and timeline run more smoothly without the annoying hangups due to unforeseen circumstances. At Land-Mark Professional Surveying we provide thorough, reliable service. Contact us today before you get started on your next building project in Odessa.

Why the American Land Title Association Created the Survey


two ATLA surveyors working on surveying landWhy the American Land Title Association Created the Survey

When you see the finished product after ordering an ALTA survey in Odessa, you might wonder about the reasons and the history behind the profession. Landmark Professional Surveying has been in business for years and they understand every aspect of the industry including the survey’s history and why they are needed.

However, the average person might be surprised to find out the history of surveying goes back further than expected. As far back as 1400 B.C., the ancient Egyptians used a system of dividing land so it could be properly taxed. Around 120 B.C., the Greeks developed a system of geometry that was used in dividing land parcels. The Greeks built their system-build upon the work their Egyptians cousins did before them.

Modern ALTA survey Odessa

The modern ALTA survey in Odessa has its background in some of these ancient systems. In fact, the American Land Title Association created the modern survey for some of the same reasons ancient civilizations used them for. The division of land for taxation purposes are just a few of the cornerstones of the modern survey as we know it today.an architect performing an ALTA survey Odessa

Landmark Professional Surveying was created in 1991 and has since become one of the biggest land surveying companies in El Paso and surrounding areas. They have an expert staff of highly qualified individuals who understand all of the latest modernization in the ALTA survey. If you take just a few minutes to look at their website, you’ll see the various projects they have successfully completed.

The American Land Title Association created the survey so the modern world would be divided into proper parcels for taxation and construction purposes. It’s interesting to note that these modern surveys have a historical background that reaches back into the ancient past. Contact Landmark Professional Surveying to find out more. 

Providing A Meticulous and Accurate Land Survey In Odessa TX


land-survey-in-odessa-tx, land-surveying-services-in-odessa-tx

Land survey in Odessa TX is necessary because anyone that wants to build a home cannot just go, pick a piece of land, and start building. Though a nice lot of land may be empty, that does not mean that it is not owned by someone else. Anyone interested in buying a piece of land needs to have a land survey conducted, since people need to find out all they can on the land they want to purchase.
A Land Survey Provides Information About Property
Buying a chunk of land to put a house on is a big investment, and for anyone that is going to put down serious money on a piece of land owe it to themselves to find out all the information they can about it. The plot of land that someone is interested in may be a certain size, but the records of it may have a completely different size. A land survey can clear up any confusion about the actual size of a piece of land someone is interested in, which is going to save them a lot of problems in the future.
A Land Survey Maps Out All Nearby Properties
People interested in a parcel of land to call their own are going to need to know where their neighbors are. Just because no one has built a home on a piece of land does not mean they won’t in the future, and a land survey is one way for all properties around one particular area in Odessa to find out whether a next door lot is owned by someone else or not.
When future homeowners want a land survey, they need to contact experts. Land-Mark Professional Surveys can help with that survey. They have been providing meticulous surveying services in the Southwest for over 20 years, gaining a reputation of accuracy and reliability. When you are looking for surveying services in the Odessa TX area, they are who you want to call.
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Land Surveyor in Odessa, TX | Get a Lay of the Land!



If you are interested in building a barn, you need to talk to a land surveyor in Texas. You want to ensure that your construction project goes smoothly, which means you need to literally get the lay of the land. This is what surveyors do.

A land surveyor in Odessa, TX can conduct a boundary survey to find out exactly where your property lines are. This is important if you are building a barn in an area where you have a limited amount of space or where there are easements and setbacks. If your barn were to be built and encroach upon an easement or encroach upon someone else’s property, you could be forced to tear it down and the investment that you made would be lost.

A land surveyor in Odessa, TX can also help you by conducting a topographic survey and an improvement survey so you can identify the most appropriate site on your land for your barn to be constructed. The placement is important as you want your barn to be as easy as possible to construct and to be conveniently located within the property. When you have hired a land surveyor in Odessa, TX, the surveyor can even help to lay out exactly where the construction should go. A surveyor can do construction staking for you, taking into account important factors such as control, grading and the layout of the project.

Land-Mark Professional Survey can provide you with all of these services and many more. As a state licensed land surveyor in Odessa, TX, we are ready to help get your construction project started and help to ensure that the project is a successful one. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with the construction of your new barn. 1420 Bessemer Drive, Suite A El Paso, Texas 79936. Phone: 915-598-1300

ALTA Survey in Odessa TX: Choosing Experience



If you are interested in finding out who owns a particular area of land before beginning a new development project, an ALTA survey in Odessa TX could provide the answers that you need. c The survey is performed in order to ensure that the title to the land is properly vested and that all encumbrances are clearly identified and accounted for.

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Topographic Survey in Odessa, TX: Mapping Out Your Land Accurately



If you got a good hand in the kitchen and you want to build a new restaurant for everyone to enjoy your food, you are first going to need a topographic survey in Odessa, Texas. Texans love to go out to eat and always looking for the nicest places to go. Land Mark Professional Survey can be the first step in making this dream of yours come true. We have highly experienced professionals that are officially licensed in the state of Texas, and take pride in their work.

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Providing the Best Service: Land Planning In El Paso


When building a home and land planning in El Paso, you need a company that is professionally managed and licensed throughout the southwest. Land Mark Survey is the company that provides the only land planning in El Paso that maintains the highest standards and experienced crews. Experience only comes with time. Land Mark Survey was established in 1991 and has grown to be one of the largest Land planning professionals in El Paso.

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Land Surveyor in Odessa TX: Have your Project Laid Out Professionally



If you are interested in building a barn, you need to talk to a land surveyor in Odessa TX. You want to ensure that your construction project goes smoothly, which means you need to literally get the lay of the land.

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The Importance of Getting a Land Survey In Odessa TX



Getting a land survey in Odessa TX is necessary for anyone who wants to buy a home because one cannot just go, pick a piece of land, and start building. Though a nice lot of land may be empty, that does not mean that it is not owned by someone else.

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