A Few FAQs for Your Land Planning


construction manager walking a grassy sight with a map, land planning for a projectIf you are in the process of building on your land, you probably already know that the local government will want a site plan. You will more than likely need to enlist the help of a good surveyor for a land planning survey. On a good note, getting a survey done will also provide you with valuable info for your site planning needs. Whether it is a personal plot and you are building a home, or you are working on a commercial plot to build a retail center, it doesn’t matter! A survey can point out all the different aspects of your land that will impact your building plans. At Landmark Professional Surveying, Inc., we have a few FAQs here for your planning:

Question: Do I Really Need a Land Planning Survey?

Answer: First of all, your local government probably requires some kind of survey in order for you to obtain the proper permits to build on your land. But, as mentioned, land surveys offer valuable info for land planning, as well. This can include the type of ground you are building on, best areas for drainage, finding out if you are on a floodplain or hard rock, and so on. When you are planning buildings and improvements that interact with the land, a survey is always good to have, whether it is required or not.

Question: What Do I Need to Know About Land Planning Surveys?

Answer: First of all, your local survey agency will know the details of your required land survey for permit needs. They will have a firm understanding of what this legal document needs to provide. Not only will they create a proper survey to satisfy permit needs, but will provide info about your land for building purposes. From topography, property boundaries to proposed grading you can be sure to get a thorough account of your land.

Question: How Do I Get Started?

Answer: Getting started on your land planning needs and survey is as simple as giving us a call at Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc. We work with builders, architects, and government officials on a regular basis. We have a firm understanding that is drawn from 17 years of experience in the industry. We have provided services to private and commercial land builders in the Southwest region and offer reputable services. Give us a call today to get started on your land survey. We will be happy to answer your questions or set up a consultation.

Proper Land Planning for University Expansion


land planning in el pasoWhen you are expanding a university’s campus in El Paso, there are some key factors you should be aware of for successful land planning and development. One of the most important elements in any building expansion is making sure you first understand the parameters and boundaries of the property. Conducting a thorough research of the property during the initial stage will guide all further building plans and budget costs involved.

Qualities of a Trustworthy Survey Company

A survey company is indispensable but many people on the university committee dealing with expansion might not understand what they need to look for in one of these professional firms. Like many other organizations, finding the best surveying firm means choosing one with membership in the right professional organizations, like the Registered Professional Land Surveyors in Texas. The staff needs to be qualified and competent as well. It is critical to make sure they have the right licenses to be able to work in a variety of different environments. A trustworthy surveyor, like Land-Mark Professional Surveying Inc. will mention the kind of equipment and software used on their website so you can get a fully rounded view of what to expect on your upcoming university expansion project.

Land Planning Done Right

Finally, it is always good protocol to work with a surveying company that can offer you a portfolio of the projects that they have worked on to better show the extent of their talent. If you are in need of a reliable and trustworthy surveying company for a university expansion project, then Land-Mark Professional Surveying Inc. meets all the above criteria in what is crucial for land planning in El Paso. We are a professional firm that has been in business since 1991, and throughout this time we have created a strong community reputation for detailed success in every project we undertake. Allow us to partner with your vision and create the University expansion you need. Contact us today.

Land Surveyor in El Paso | Doing the Job Right



There is a lot of good land in El Paso and when you and your construction firm want to build your new project to perfection, you need a professional land surveyor in El Paso. At Land-Mark Professional Survey, we are prepared to offer you the best surveyors in the Southwest that only operate to the highest standards and will work tirelessly to make sure the job is done right. We follow all of the surveying principles meticulously and make sure that we deliver all of our work with extreme accuracy and efficiency. We have the best land surveyors in the area, and we have a reputation of reliability and accuracy you want working for you.

We are a professionally managed company that takes pride in doing the job right the first time. We are one of the only companies that can give you a land surveyor in El Paso that is registered and licensed to work in Texas and New Mexico. We will always work accurately and deliver on time, every time. At Land-Mark Professional Survey we have the experience and confidence you need to build your new project to the highest standards. No other surveying company in Texas can surpass our uncanny sense of accuracy and customer service. We also only use the latest equipment on all our jobs to ensure maximum precision. When you are going to start building your new project and need a land surveyor in El Paso, call or visit us today!
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Accurate and Reliable Residential ALTA Survey In Las Cruces NM



An ALTA survey in Las Cruces NM is necessary when it comes to defining everything about a property. ALTA stands for American Land Title Association, and while the land surveys they conduct are more commonly used for commercial purposes, however they are useful for both commercial and residential property. Land-Mark Professional Survey, Inc. provides the most reliable and accurate ALTA survey in Las Cruces NM. ALTA surveys are usually recommended for home improvements or anything else concerning changes on your land. In addition to finding where a property begins and ends, there are many other important reasons why a homeowner would want an ALTA survey to be done by a surveyor.

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Construction Survey in El Paso: When Planning to Build New Plaza



When planning to build a new plaza, you need to have a construction survey in El Paso done first. The survey is necessary to identify boundary lines and easements so you can decide where to sight the plaza.

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