Interesting Facts About Land Surveys


man studying map with land surveying equipment next to himLand surveys are important for builders, construction workers, business owners, and homeowners…but not many people give them much thought, even though they’re important for urban development. Luckily, at Land-Mark Professional Surveying, we have information that can serve as a refresher on land surveys and interesting facts about them and what they can do. Read more to find out!

Fact #1: Land Surveys Have a Prominent Presence in History

This shouldn’t be a surprise, though, since without them, urban development would be a complete mess. Land surveying can actually be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who began using them for development around 3000 BC. Fast forward a couple thousand years to when the United States became the United States. Did you know that before many of our presidents were elected, including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, they worked as land surveyors? As you can see, land surveys have served their part throughout history, and they will continue to help us as we, as a society, continue to grow.

Fact #2: Land Surveys Are Always Evolving

The practices George Washington or Abraham Lincoln used for land surveying are different than the practices we use today. In fact, land surveying methods differ based on geography, urbanism, and technology. Nowadays, we are able to produce 3D models of land surveys and use computers and other forms of technology to get the job done–probably making it an easier, but more complex job than it had been in the earlier centuries.

Fact #3: Land Surveys are Important

We can’t emphasize this enough. Many people may think “winging it” is okay, but land surveys are important for legal, geographical, and even political reasons. They create boundaries, settle legal disputes, and are often used for determining districts for voting. So if you’re looking to build a house, buy a lot for a business, or work in construction, it’s important to utilize land surveys and hire a land surveyor to help you get the job done accurately.

Facts About Land Surveys in Odessa

Odessa is a ripe city for land surveying because a lot of it is still in development. In 2013, CNN called Odessa a “boomtown” and so far, it’s shown no signs of stopping. Because of this, land surveying in the Odessa area is incredibly important for its sustainability.

Land-Mark Professional Surveying Can Help!

If you need professional land surveying done in the Odessa area, Land-Mark Professional Surveying can help! Call us today for more information.

What Goes Into Land Planning in El Paso?


Land surveyor in El PasoBelieve it or not, everything in urban development is planned. Even if it was planned poorly, it was still planned. Land planning is a unique and intricate process that allows urban developers to plan how to use a plot of land for development, whether it’s a house, office building, or shopping center. Land planning is unique in each city, state, and country and must adhere to certain ordinances and geographical limitations. This is especially true in El Paso, where much of our building must adhere to the mountainous and desert landscape. That is why it’s important to work with a land surveyor before beginning construction projects. Land-Mark Professional Surveying can help! Here’s a little bit about what goes on during the process.

The Basics of Land Planning in El Paso

There are actually different kinds of planning, each with their own purpose. One example is commercial development planning, which is a kind of land planning that prepares for building a new commercial sized building, like a mall. Land planning in El Paso involves surveying the land and confirming the surveys meet the requirements.

The Surveys

During the process of land planning in El Paso, a number of surveys are conducted, including ALTA surveys, boundary surveys, and state land surveys. We also create metes and bounds descriptions, right-of-way maps, and construction staking, which evaluates control, grading, and layout of the land. Other surveys that need to be conducted include mining surveys, topographic surveys, and improvement surveys.

The Equipment and Software

These surveys can’t be done with just measuring tape and a notepad, unfortunately. In fact, there is a lot of specialized equipment and machinery that goes into land planning. Some equipment we use includes an autoCAD system, global positioning systems, and husky data collectors. Our equipment allows us to complete both the basics and the surveys in order to get accurate results for construction.

The Importance of Land Planning in El Paso

Imagine waking up one day and someone’s building a summer home on top of your house on the hill. You and your family have lived there for generations and some guy decides he can just do that. This wouldn’t actually happen, though, and if it did, it would most likely be illegal. Land planning prevents people from building something on somebody else’s property and can also help keep your home protected.

Land-Mark Professional Land Surveying

If you work in construction or are looking to build a custom home on a lot of land, it’s important to get it surveyed and planned out beforehand. Land planning is a crucial step in this process, one you should never leave out. But the one thing with land planning is you should most likely leave it to the pros.That’s where we come in. If you need land planning or surveying services, Land-Mark Professional Land Surveying can help! Call us today!

ALTA Surveys and Land Ownership

ALTA Surveys and Land Ownership

Do you know who owns the land you are on right now? Perhaps you are reading this from your fully paid off home, and you can rightfully say that you own the land. Or perhaps you are sitting in an office building or coffee shop, and the land is owned by a business owner or property manager. In fact, unless you are reading this from the middle of a vast, unclaimed ocean, there is a good chance that someone or some organization owns the property you are on.

The ideas of land ownership and territory accrual are as ancient as the ancient Egyptians and as natural to contemporary Americans as the ideas of buying and selling, but determining what land belongs to who has never been a simple or natural process. Boundary disputes have caused countless challenges, disagreements, and wars throughout history, and legal battles are the modern, western equivalent.

Land Ownership and ALTA Surveys

One way to determine property boundaries and ownership of land is through land surveying. Land surveying help to show property lines and are generally recommended when buying, improving, or building upon parcels of land. Because of this, land buyers are sometimes asked to have an ALTA Survey conducted on the piece of land that they wish to buy.

What is an ALTA Survey? An ALTA Survey is a complex survey performed by a registered licensed surveyor and executed according to the standards of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). This survey clearly shows the boundaries of a parcel of land and the location of utility lines, fences, roads, and other noteworthy structures within the property. While ALTA Surveys are not necessary for every purchase, there are circumstances in which it is incredibly beneficial to purchase a detailed survey.

When to Consider ALTA Surveys

Because this is the most detailed type of survey, it may not be necessary for smaller, residential real estate purchases. When buying or selling commercial real estate, however, title insurance companies will often require a survey to be performed before refinancing. This helps them avoid getting in the middle of boundary disputes that could have been avoided. If you are selling a piece of commercial property, it may also be wise for you to have an ALTA survey performed. This will ensure you have a record for comparison against the buyer’s survey.

You also may want to consider an ALTA Survey if you are buying a piece of vacant land. This will ensure you have an accurate assessment of the land you are receiving and have full knowledge of any ownership issues that could be lingering. Lastly, detailed land surveying is recommended to buyers who want to be 100 percent confident about the land they are purchasing. When it comes to major purchases, you can never be too cautious!

Land Surveying in New Mexico

If you have questions about land surveying, don’t hesitate to contact Land-Mark Professional Land Surveying in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We have years of experience in the complex world of land surveying, and we are ready to offer our expertise to you today!

History of State Land Surveys in El Paso


land surveyor surveying landState land surveys in El Paso were started by Thomas Jefferson who proposed the original public land survey system as a way to distribute land to Revolutionary War soldiers in reward for their service and to sell land in order to raise money for the new nation. It is a way of subdividing and describing the land in the United States. It is regulated by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management and divides land into six-mile-square townships. Townships are then subdivided into 36 one-mile-square sections. Those portions can be further subdivided into quarter sections, quarter-quarter sections, or irregular government lots.

How State Land Surveys in El Paso Started

Spain claimed the land that is now Texas in 1519 and ignored it until 1685. The first permanent settlements in the El Paso area were established in 1681, not long after the Indians revolted and drove the settlers southward. Spain opened the land to foreign settlements in 1820. Each family received a lot so they could build a house. They also received farmland, pastureland, and certain tax exemptions. This land was not free. Settlers had to pay three cents an acre. This fee included charges for surveying the land. There was no centralized land office. Instead, the governor appointed commissioners who supervised state land surveys in El Paso and other towns. These commissioners issued land titles and maintained land records, as well. In addition, commissioners also selected sites and marked the streets for new towns.

State Land Surveys in El Paso After Joining the US

Texas became a state in 1845. In the 1850s, the land was endowed as a way to encourage internal improvements and to help with the state’s economic development. Over five million acres were appropriated for improvements. All land grants required a state land survey in El Paso and other cities around the state. In 1852, eight railroad companies received several sections of land for every mile of railroad track. However, they also had to survey equal amounts of land to that which they were given and it had to be sold by the end of 12 years.

There was a land boom from 1886-1905 and many surveyors wrote field notes on land they never visited. If they did a state land survey in El Paso or another town, they would tie a rag to a buggy wheel and drive over the boundary lines, counting the revolutions of the wheel it took to arrive at the distance. So, their units of measurement could be somewhat informal as there was so much land available that surveyors did not feel exact surveys were necessary. This caused many to overlap or have vacant areas between them. When the oil boom came in the 20th century, the inaccuracies led to numerous lawsuits and confusion over ownership.

Over the past two centuries, almost 1.5 billion acres have been surveyed into townships and sections. There is over 200 years’ worth of cadastral survey records and plats including those collected through state land surveys in El Paso.

If you are in Texas and are in need of a state land survey in El Paso, contact Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc. We’ve been helping the southwest region with their construction project for over 20 years. 

Land Surveyors’ Role in Land Development


land surveyors working on a construction siteThe surveyor’s role in land development is critically important. They are the ones who are responsible for taking an engineer or architect’s design and making it so that the construction sub-contractors can properly place buildings, roads, fences, electrical and other underground utilities in their correct locations. If you do not have a surveyor involved in land development, there would be no telling where a building should be built or how far or deep a tunnel should be dug.

How Land Surveyors Affect Land Development in El Paso

Before land development can begin, the land surveyor and the civil engineer must work together. The land surveyor is charged with gathering all of the controlling elements including evidence of utilities servicing the site, and what is happening around the perimeter of the site. This includes whether or not there are walls or fences that follow or cross over the property line and if so, what condition they are in. Additionally, they also need to look into whether the site is on a hillside and if it is a buildable lot or not.

Land surveyors are also responsible for what it is called “Rough Grade Staking,” which takes place during the beginning of the construction phase of land development. The surveyor helps with defining the location of the site improvements with their respective reference to the location and final grade elevation. This is done for the land development in El Paso of slopes, building outlines, parking lots, and roadways. It enables the contractor to be able to grade and prepare the site for additional site improvement. 

The Continuing Role of Land Surveyors in Land Development

Land surveyors are also involved in site layout staking which involves installing underground utilities so that they can come above ground. While this is happening, other items are being staked during land development. These include fire hydrants, curbs, and gutters, catch basins and drains. The land surveyor also has a hand in paving support staking that may be needed prior to the placement of the asphalt. Thickness is critical and requires a surveyor’s certification at times due to the fact that you need a thicker paving section to accommodate the weight of the truck than that of a car, as well as for ADA accessibility. Each site is different. If you are in need of a land surveyor for your land development El Paso project call on Land-Mark Professional Surveying, Inc.

We Can Help With State Land Surveys In El Paso


state land survey deviceState land surveys in El Paso can be a very difficult and time-consuming task, however, they provide very important details on the land. An organized team can get this done in a timely manner and properly. Land-Mark Professional Surveying is a great company in the El Paso area that can assist with these types of land surveys. Our team provides excellent services using the latest technology and methods for land surveying.

Time-Consuming But Worth It

Although tedious, state land surveys in El Paso provide very useful information for the state and officials who need it. The information surveys give can help the state and city determine what type of use is best for particular pieces of land. Some uses for plots of land may include hospitals, fire stations, schools, and other types of city or government buildings for the future. While many people think that it is easy to build something, it actually takes a lot of work and preparation. Before even building on land, it has to be surveyed and information has to be processed on the plot in question. Permission has to be granted depending on what it is you want to build there and it may not even be zoned for that type of building. Finding a dependable and reputable company for land surveying will be important in making sure that all of the info is recorded and documented.

Valuable Information You Cannot Find Anywhere Else

Our team at Land-Mark Professional Surveying offers a variety of land surveying services. We specifically do state land surveys for state-related projects in the El Paso area. We have been in this particular business for over 20 years and know the ins and outs of land surveying in general. We hire only the best, trained professionals to work for our company and we take all of our jobs very seriously. We are a team that makes it our goal to complete projects in an accurate and timely manner. This allows us to get accurate information and use our updated technology and mapping to do so. When we are called to conduct state land surveys in El Paso, we take it very seriously as well! We know the overall importance of an accurate mapping and surveying process on state land. If you want to save time and eliminate stress when it comes to getting this kind of job done right, our team is the best team for the job at hand.

Call Land-Mark Today!

If you are in El Paso or the surrounding areas, our team at Land-Mark Professional Surveying can help with your state land survey or any other survey you may be needing before building or constructing. We take pride in being a leader in the industry and want repeat customers to come back to us time and time again. If you would like more information on our land surveying or any of the other services we offer, please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Why is Land Surveying Important for Land Development?


land surveying under blue skyIf you are in the business of land development El Paso, you probably know that there are a lot of things that go into it. Getting a plot of land ready for sale or construction require many things including land surveys. A land survey does a number of things for the builders, the owners, and the city officials. If you are in El Paso or the surrounding areas, our team at Land-Mark Professional Surveying can assist you.

Priceless Knowledge That Will Help You

A land survey for land development El Paso is very important and can tell investors and developers a lot about the area. The knowledge you get from a land survey will help you move forward with developing land and being able to sell and build upon it. So what exactly happens with a land survey? A land surveyor in the area will be able to go around and determine boundaries for a plot of land. This can be very helpful so that land owners know the boundaries of their land and where someone else’s land begins. This can help so that they do not cross over into land that is technically not theirs. A survey can also note where improvements can be made on the land and make maps. Mapping will allow everyone to have a visual representation of the boundaries and the area in which you are investing in and developing.

Know Where Important Things Are On Your Piece Of Land

Another reason for a land survey is so that builders and city officials will know where certain things are. It can tell the developers where gas lines, electric lines, water lines, cemeteries, and other important landmarks and pipelines are. This can be very important for a number of reasons. If someone doesn’t know where electric or water lines are, they can dug into them and puncture them. This can be costly to fix if it is a water line. If it is an electric line that is cut, it can be very serious and very dangerous. People can get hurt and electrocuted if they are not careful. A land survey is an essential way to make sure that you know where certain things are and how to effectively maneuver around them during the development and building process.

Get The Best Land Surveying In The El Paso Area

All in all, land surveys are very important for any land development El Paso. It will help more than you can imagine and help you get the most out of your property. If you are in need of excellent surveying services, our team at Land-Mark Professional Surveying can ensure that you get the quality services you need. We know the importance of making sure everything there is to be known about a piece of property is known. We understand how this can hurt or help an investment and we want to help in the best way possible. If you would like more information on our land surveying or how we can help you with your land development, please give us a call today.

Why are ALTA Surveys Important?


Man performing an ALTA surveyWhen you are constructing new property or acquiring a piece of land for some reason, it’s very important for a land surveyor to measure boundaries and make a list of which things are where. Sometimes an ALTA survey is needed for land and can be a very extensive process. If you are in the Odessa area and need this type of survey, our team at Land-Marking Professional Surveying can take care of that today. We are trained professionals and know exactly what to do when it comes to this type of survey,

A Strict Survey For A Good Reason

An ALTA survey follows national requirements and can be much more strict and extensive than a regular land survey. It is common for a banking institute that is giving you a loan to request that you get ALTA surveys done on your property. This type of survey is very good at determining the actual value of the land that you are considering purchasing or refinancing. When it comes to making an investment with land there are many requirements and surveys you must get in order to proceed with the processes you are involved in. ALTA surveys will help give you and the other officials the information needed to proceed with the rest.

Is The Investment Really Worth It?

The information that you will get from this type of survey is invaluable and important. With all properties, it is important to know the physical and legal boundaries of the plot of land. This can help everyone determine what is near the land, if there are gas or electric lines, and if there are parks and cemeteries that the land is encroaching on. This is a great survey to get done before the purchasing point because it can essentially help you to decide if you are even still interested in purchasing the land after seeing the report from the survey. Most people just want to know if the specific land is really worth the investment they are planning to make.

Make Sure It Is What You Need

While these surveys can be more expensive, they really do inform the buyer and show very valuable information to all of the parties involved. At the same time, it is always important to make sure you really need one before you go about purchasing one because they are expensive. If you are in the Odessa area, our team at Land-Mark Professional Surveying can perform an ALTA survey when you find out you need one. We have over 25 years of experience and know the importance of accurate information when it comes to purchasing and investing in land.

Contact Land-Marking Professional Surveying!

We have the skills necessary to assess the land and find out as much information as possible about it for ALTA surveys. We are dedicated and committed to helping all of our clients and customers in the Odessa area. If you would like more detailed info on how we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have!

What Does a Land Surveyor Do?


land surveyor worker working with equipment at factory construction site outdoors blue sky backgroundWhile many people may have heard of the job of being a land surveyor, they might not necessarily know what one does. It is not a job that is typically talked about but it is an important job nevertheless. A land surveyor actually plays a huge role when it comes to building, construction, and overall city code and ordinances. There are legal processes that must be followed when building and construction take place, which is where this type of job comes into play. If you are in the Las Cruces area, Land-Mark Professional Surveying can assist you with any project you may be working on.

They Map Certain Areas

So you may still be wondering what a surveyor actually does when it comes to building and construction. Essentially, what they do is measure and map the areas in question. They use specific math and measuring devices to get accurate readings of the land around them. This is very important for projects so that they know what is around the land, what they should watch out for, and where their property ends and someone else’s begins. They do not do this alone however, they work with builders, architects, and engineers to get it all done accurately. It needs to be accurate for legal reasons as well as safety reasons.

They Determine Where Gas, Electric, And Water Lines Are

When it comes to safety, a land surveyor has a pretty important job. They are able to map out specific areas and make topographic maps, among other things. This means that they should be able to help point out where electric, gas, and water lines are for when the builders start construction. This is vital to know because the workers do not want to accidentally hit any of these lines. The electric and gas lines are incredibly dangerous and can be fatal if hit or cut. With a water line, you also do not want to hit it because it can become damaged and be very costly to fix. These are all important aspects of building and a surveyor essentially helps give a heads up to everyone when it comes to locations of certain things.

They Can Determine Property Boundary Lines

A land surveyor can also measure properties in case the boundaries are unknown. Sometimes people have disputes about whose property is whose. A surveyor can help determine where one property line ends and where another one begins. This can help dissolve any issues or disputes going on with different people. A surveyor does a lot for the government and city, and this is great in order to keep an accurate record of property lines, new construction, and much more. It may seem little but overall, it can be a huge help when people need to go back and look at or access specific information about their property.

Call Land-Mark Today

If you are in the Las Cruces area and need a quality land surveyor, our team at Land-Mark Professional Surveying can help you out today. Please contact us for more information or any questions you may have.

How Can Construction Surveys Help Zoning Projects?


Construction worker using tablet on the site.Establishing ownership and jurisdiction over land can seem impossible. Does it matter if someone built on it before? If there is someone else’s property on it? Or if the land has shifted and changed over time? All of these questions can be solved by getting a land survey. This is especially true for the developing city of Las Cruces. Land-Mark Professional Surveying can do quality construction surveys in Las Cruces. Before getting a survey done on any piece of land, you should know what it is for and how to use them.

What Do Construction Surveys Help?

Construction surveys can help any construction project avoid problems. Surveys are often done to mark out land boundaries. This can be done to clarify property and ownership. It is particularly useful whenever issues with a building are concerned. This is because a survey takes the original land grants and measure out their dimensions on the property. Land can change over time. But land documents do not. This makes a survey the best and easiest way to establish boundaries.

For construction, survey’s work the same way, but on a larger scale. First, they take the land dimensions from the contract or deed. Then they measure those dimensions out on the land. This gives the builders a clear boundary, allowing for buildings to be built within the proper boundaries. This is extremely helpful for land that is not developed. The survey will mark off the area and allow builders and architects to create proper buildings for it.

When Can You Use Surveys?

Having construction surveys done helps avoid future problems. Just like with households, land can change over time. Having a survey done makes sure that the building is within its proper boundaries. This avoids problems for neighbors and new development. In addition to this, you can judge whether the land you have is enough for the building you want to build. If you buy land adjacent to your current land, having a survey done will reestablish property as well. Information documented by a survey can be used as legal claims in court too. All of this helps you avoid issues while building.

Surveys are important to development. They help mark and maintain boundaries for construction. This is important for creating a legal and sustainable property for years to come. It also helps avoid trespassing and ownership problems later. Land-Mark Professional Surveying is experienced with construction surveys in Las Cruces. No matter the issue, they can help clarify it. The best way to establish property and ownership is through a survey. No matter what, land dimensions outlined in a deed do not change, even if the land it is for does. This is how surveys can help clarify issues of property, especially when the land in question is being built on.

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